Our U.S.-based limited liability company (LLC) creates tailor-made, creative, unique, and sustainable programs for individuals and institutions after determining their needs. We provide planning and the required translational services for all kinds of commercial and cultural organizational activities between the U.S. and Turkey. Our company is committed to offering the most efficient services, from design to implementation.

We meticulously manage all relationships from design to implementation stages in the fastest, most precise, and most respectable ways, ensuring customer satisfaction and reaching program goals most efficiently.

User-friendly event designs are prepared with great care to enable our customers to promote their brands. Communication among customers, suppliers, and staff is kept open from the beginning to the end of the project.

Our ability to think through all stages of your plans with precision empowers you to manage the entire operation with strong motivation and reach your target audience.

TRUST-ICR, with its innovative, friendly, rational work discipline and expertise in time management aims to continue the sustainability of the work it carries out in collaboration with its customers.

Since we started our establishment, we have been striving to present clients’ visions in their sectors in unique ways. While you continue to focus on your field, we generate solutions to turn your goals and visions into practical results.