Cultural integration and orientation are practices designed to help individuals who have moved to new countries or constantly move between countries understand and adapt to their new situations. The primary goal of this consultancy service is to provide guidance by alleviating any anxiety or concerns that might arise for individuals arriving in a new country.

The stages of this consultancy service include:

  • Accelerating adaptation to the new country
  • Teaching procedures related to the adaptation process
  • Identifying behaviors related to language and cultural differences and conducting adaptation studies
  • Facilitating the integration of visitors into new environments in their business and social lives
  • Assisting them in expressing themselves in the new environments
  • Providing guidance on socio- cultural integration for familiarity with receiving/giving services.

Integration types within cultural orientation:
Market orientation/integration
Learning orientation/integration
Entrepreneurship orientation/integration

• Determining the list of requirements
• Planning
• Welcoming
• Introduction
• Field determination
• Support in one-on-one meetings
• Mentoring services
• Secretarial services
• Sekretarya hizmetleri
• Evaluation meeting