At Trust-ICR you can find all translation services from Turkish to English or from English to Turkish. Our language experts are always ready to help you establish a healthy international communication network.

To ensure accurate communication, we provide both on-site and remote interpretation services. Our interpreters eliminate language problems within the framework of basic communication rules, ensuring smooth and effective communication.

Our remote translation, interpretation, and verbal translation techniques are available to all sectors and provide a proprietary integration of technology and language resources that connect our customer to expert translators.

Legal translation occurs in place of legal activities, such as courts or law firms.

From conferences and congresses to product launches, gala dinners, and team-building events, we offer the following services.

Types of interpreter services we provide:
  • Conferences
  • Group meetings and delegations
  • Legal Matters and courts
  • Technical subjects
  • Scientific studies
  • International company meetings
  • Medical translations
  • Health meetings
  • Health meetings
  • Immigration documents
  • Legal translations
  • Video and film dubbing
  • Hospital records
  • Approval forms
  • Laboratory studies
  • Preparation processes for applications

    Our translation strategies at word and syntax levels are executed using the fastest and most efficient techniques, including:

    • Patterning
    • Concretization
    • Synonymous/ Subtly nuanced translation
    • Derivation
    • Compensation
    • Inference

    Our interpreters manage the process by analyzing and resolving issues in the best possible ways, understanding that each translation action is shaped by different factors.

    If necessary, notarization and apostille processes are provided for all written translations. Our experienced team of interpreters, capable of translating in diverse fields, is grouped in the following areas:

    • Official or unofficial document translations
    • Technical text translations
    • Literary text translations
    • Commercial text translations
    • Social and human sciences translations
    • Legal text translations
    • Medical translations/li>
    • Sworn translations
    • Text translations of websites
    • Academic translations
    • Subtitle translations
    • Book translations
    • Multimedia translations
    • Interpretation for decryption


    Our professional interpreters with knowledge of terminology and cultural understanding in both languages, provide reliable and effective communication.

    In events requiring live speech, such as meetings, conferences, negotiations, interviews, and hearings, they efficiently execute their professional roles.

    When providing verbal translation services, our professional interpreters offer recommendations to clients or organizations receiving translation services regarding the most effective translation techniques. They have training and experience in listening, note-taking,and memorization techniques.

    With skills in public speaking, they can instantly transform speech languages and other cultural references into parallel expressions that the target audience will understand.

    Types of verbal translation services we offer:
    • Simultaneous interpretation
    • Consecutive interpretation
    • Whispered interpretation
    • Verbal and/or consecutive interpretation over the phone
    • Video translation on different platforms