Our patient ambassadors act as diplomats to ensure that individuals traveling between Turkey and the United States for preventive, curative, and health-enhancing services receive the most effective services. Health tourism involves opening health institutions to the services of other countries by utilizing the potential of international health mobility. Success in this field requires working with well-equipped teams in the health sector in both cultures. Our company employees serve as intermediaries so that you can receive consultancy services from both healthcare institutions and doctors who are competent in their fields.

    Our patient ambassadors also support individuals exposed to specific diseases in clinical studies conducted worldwide. Our employees, acting as intermediaries among the patient, the patient's family, the institution conducting the clinical study, and hospitals, help implement protocols clearly and facilitate easy communication. Our experience in overcoming all obstacles during patient transfers for medical tourism, thermal tourism, and clinical studies will be key to easing stressful processes.


We assist in obtaining visas, completing paperwork, and arranging travel for individuals and their families. Our Cultural Orientation Specialist helps clients adapt to new environments, situations, and cultures they encounter during their travels. We provide support and assistance to patients throughout the travel process, including:

  • Guidance on obtaining a visa
  • International travel arrangements
  • Accompanying doctors traveling with patients on planes

We guide patients and families about the fundamentals of the study protocol, ensure clear communication between the patient and clinical researchers, report to the clinical research company throughout the study, and ensure proper monitoring of the patient.

We provide transportation for the patient to research sites and other locations, such as:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Pharmacy appointments
  • Laboratory appointments
  • Transportation